Paper Number

Step 1: Cut your cardstock into a square.
Step 2: Round off the corners of the square.
Step 3: Begin cutting the cardstock into a spiral, working your way to the center.
Step 4: Leave the center circle about the size of a quarter.
Step 5: Add a couple of Glue Dots to the center circle.
Step 6: Begin rolling the end tail of the spiral.
Step 7: Hold the paper tightly as you roll so as to not unravel the flower you’re creating.
Step 8: When the spiral has been completely rolled to center circle, simply press the the flower spiral and the circle center together. The glue dots will keep the flower from unraveling.
Step 9: Cut out a number or letter from foam core board.
Step 10: Attach the flowers to the board using glue dots.

Original Post from Oh Happy Day by Danyelle Mathews


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